AKuarius Leisure

AKuarius Leisure composes exclusive holiday trips based on what you want to do. Together we shall look for a balance between recreation and pleasant action and would like to take you away to the most beautiful locations, wherever they are.

What would you think of a package where in the mornings you explore the underwater world accompanied by a certified scuba diver professional*, in the afternoons you enjoy being on a beautiful beach and at sunset you are introduced to meditation? Or would you prefer to workout with your Personal Trainer? And all this in a setting of a pleasant climate and an accommodation that guarantees privacy? Just to mention some examples.

AKuarius Leisure looks for special destinations for smaller groups, like a family or a group of friends who prefer to travel in a comfortable way and enjoy, and look for more than just a holiday.

Please contact us for more information.

* specific terms and rules are applicable when scuba diving, we would be pleased to provide more information.