AKuarius Health

Improving your health and wellbeing effectively together with AKuarius Health, accounts for more fun and better performance in what you do on a daily basis. We will offer you as an individual a complete concept. Based on an intake, you set your goals together with an AKuarius Health Coach. Your Coach provides guidance following the route towards your goals, supported by a variation of exceptionally high quality services we can tune to meet your requirements, such as Personal Training, Mental Coaching, nutrition advice, meditation, Reconnective Healing® or massage. AKuarius Health works with professionals who are not only trained or experienced in the services we provide, but who are also working from their heart and with pleasure in anything they do.

Health and wellbeing are a symbiosis of body, spirit and soul. This is reflected in the complete concept we offer you: together we work on the different aspects, in a way that is tuned to your personal desires. Your AKuarius Health Coach guides and evaluates and together you set step by step a route that leads to your goal.