AKuarius as label

Are you an independent entrepreneur or do you consider starting to work for yourself? Perhaps AKuarius is the thing for you. AKuarius offers a label for the independent professional. A label that stands for quality in anything we do. Professionalism with an eye for the customer and the people we work with. We set and keep high aims and we will demand the same from the professional who chooses to use our name AKuarius.

Within the AKuarius Group we operate the following companies:

AKuarius Professional offers consultancy services to companies. As yet we focus on B2B clients in the maritime and oil industry, but we will not hesitate to enter other markets.

AKuarius Health aims mostly at the health and wellbeing of the demanding individual. The AKuarius Health Coach guides and advises the customer on a customer-tuned route that may encompass different services such as Personal Training, nutrient advice, meditation, Reconnective Healing® and more.

AKuarius Leisure organises and accompanies clients in exclusive holidays. We like to undertake activities in for example (under)water sports, but offer more than that. Standard is not part of our vocabulary, pleasure and customer satisfaction definitely are.

Each of the above mentioned companies offers a label you may join as independent professional – having a superb reputation and a mentality that fits with AKuarius. We suggest, among others, following disciplines:

For the AKuarius Professional label: persons who can use their knowledge and experience with customers acting as consultant, advisor, project- or interim-manager.

For the AKuarius Health label: persons having experience as trainer, masseur, psychologist, Mental Coach, Reconnective Healer® or otherwise if it suits the AKuarius Health activities.

For the AKuarius Leisure label: persons with experience in exclusive travels and capable of guiding customers in activities such as scuba diving.