Our name AKuarius

We write our name differently, but do pronounce it the way the word "aquarius" is pronounced. The Latin word "aqua" stands for water. Natural water is crystal-clear, transparent and pure. This fits our company values perfectly; the way we relate to our customers and with people who wish to work with or for AKuarius. Water fluently adjusts and finds its way in the natural flow. Likewise AKuarius, we strive to be open for innovation and adapt to new insights.

Through our name AKuarius we refer to the Age of Aquarius, the period of the Water-Carrier that started in 2012 and is said to be the time-spirit of, among other things, science and humanity. Of new insights, superb technology, perseverance and natural energy. The Aquarian essence is freedom; being free of boundaries. For AKuarius, these are statements we readily go for.

Water as an element also suits the AKuarius companies. The ambition of AKuarius Professional does certainly reach further than just the maritime market, but it is the maritime market on which we focus to start with. AKuarius Health focuses on the individual's health and the individual consists mainly of water. With AKuarius Leisure you may literally go anywhere, but we do feel at ease on, in and even under water.